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“Ode to MagneticRing.com”

A magnetic ring is a wonderful thing
It fits round your finger and qualifies as bling
Wanna wear one on your toe or two on your hand
MagneticRing.com ships daily and will understand

We heard a few stories and won't tell you lies
MagneticRing.com will have your right size
In every day life we give and receive
With such a selection you'll pick one with ease

Our 60 day warranty will get you right through
Any holiday shopping or exchange you might do
We suggest that you visit more than just once
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Some people have told us "Don't get a swelled head"
They believe that our prose might go straight to our heads
No publisher has called and there is no book deal
The prospect of waiting would not provide meals

Be it copper or silver, titanium or steel
We have many styles and quite the good deal
We ask you to tell all friends far and wide
About MagneticRing.com and all they will find

With powerful magnets that last ever long
You’ll be so content you might break out in song
With thoughts of new verses and couplets that rhyme
Click to go shop you’ll have a good time

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